Comfy Cow WordPress Rebuild

Comfy Cow WordPress Rebuild

Sometimes we have to fix WordPress websites.

Now, before you go, “well, it is WordPress…”

No. It was not.

We’ve been approached consistently by business owners and brands having difficulty using their WordPress websites.

Comfy Cow’s story was no different: out-of-date WordPress core and theme versions, a bloated commercial theme as the foundation, plugins conflicting with the theme and host, you name it.

Comfy Cow Logo

But first things first, we put a fresh spin on the brand with a new brand guide.

Rebuilt WordPress Theme on Molecule

Comfy Cow Chocolate Cow

*beep boop error error*

Our first clue to the severity of the website problem was errors on their lead gen form plugin.

So, as we do, our team began investigating.

We uncovered several outdated plugins and an outdated version of WordPress. Most troublesome was the instability of the commercial WordPress theme that served as the site’s foundation.

After a full WordPress rebuild on Molecule, the website is fully functional and scalable for Comfy Cow’s marketing and advertising needs.

Improving WordPress Website Performance and Google’s Core Web Vitals

Google’s Core Web Vitals are intended to help site owners focus on the metrics that matter most: performance metrics, like page load speed, as well as user experience metrics.

The tools to evaluate your site are available now, allowing you to make necessary changes to improve the metrics below.

Website Metrics Before NerdBrand

Website performance affects everything: engagement with your site, multiple page visits, return visits, conversions or checkouts, and SEO in general.





Comfy Cow’s Core Web Vitals Before NerdBrand

Largest Content Paint

1.8 seconds

Total Blocking Time

392 ms

Cumulative Layout Shift


Website Metrics After NerdBrand

As you can see, performance spiked across the board due to our site rebuild and content optimizations.





Comfy Cow Web Core Vitals – After

Largest Content Paint

1.3 seconds

Total Blocking Time

0 ms

Cumulative Layout Shift


More to come from the Nerds and the Cow soon!