Startup Branding Package

/ month

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guide (2 – 3 pages)
  • Brand Description Paragraph
  • Brand Position and Promise
  • Apparel and Stationary


Why should your startup care about brand identity?

Startup branding is not the first thought on most founders’ to-do lists. However, when you are a startup, a clear and legitimate-looking brand should be top of mind.

Your brand identity is anything and everything that ships out of your business. It should be sharp, consistent, and memorable at all turns.

Quality startup branding means better success with:

  • Attracting investors and fundraising
  • Brand awareness
  • User growth and retention
  • Recurring revenue
  • Marketing and advertising ROI

How our startup package works:

  • Add the service to your list, then our brand managers will contact you within 12-24 hours to schedule a kickoff. Feel free to keep shopping in the meantime.
  • We then schedule brief interviews with your leadership, board, investors, customers, employees, and other stakeholders. This helps us determine your brand’s existing position.
  • Then, we use this information to create brand guidelines, standardizing your brand’s purpose, values, visual identity, and more.
  • Done.
Mikayla Meek, Brand Manager at NerdBrand. Leads our startup branding projects.
Connect with Mikayla, our brand manager to get started!