Corporate Branding Package

/ month

  • Brand Naming
  • (1) Branded Photoshoot
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Descriptive Paragraph
  • Brand Promise & Attributes
  • Business Cards
  • Apparel, Stationary, Cards
  • Sales Materials, and Decks
  • Product Design and Packaging


The Value Of Corporate Branding…

More people will recognize your business.

Corporate branding builds trust with customers, and both new and existing employees.

Choose between a business with clear, professional-looking branding. Then, a business that hasn’t made this effort. You probably know which one you’d trust more.

It improves ad performance.

Your business won’t be able to get very far without ads. Branding and ads go hand in hand. Great branding makes your ads stand out, and remain in people minds.


A company with great branding will have an easier time getting employees to feel like they’re involved with something more than just a job.

Thus, retaining people you’ve invested time in for training and bring value to your business.

Mitch Gregory – NerdBrand’s Advertising Evangelist

How it works:

  • Add the service to your list, then our brand managers will be in contact with you in 12-24 hours. Or keep shopping and adding more.
  • We then schedule to interview all your stakeholders in your organization to determine your brands existing position. We do this by including a free brand consultation.
  • Then develop a strategy to correct and properly define it for your customer for marketing campaigns.
  • Then launch a plan for creating your new identity using the data gathered.
  • It’s not a report, it’s a one-to-one monthly, and deliverables behind each executed move.