Cinema Advertising

When would my ads show in theaters?

Two Segments are available with cinema ads, aptly named SEGMENT 1 and SEGMENT 2. Both run before the movie begins.

Ads placed in SEGMENT 1 will be shown closer to the movie. They’ll reach more people, but for that reason, they also come at a premium.



Bring your business to life on the big screen!

Movie theater advertising gets results.

Once we have the video creative, we can start a campaign within 3-4 days. That’s friggin’ fast.

“HEY, look mom! I’m on the big screen!”

Movie Theater Ads for Hanover College

We’re using cinema ads to promote Hanover College’s featured segment on The College Tour, an Amazon Prime series that spotlights universities and colleges across the United States.

Why cinema ads for your brand?

Movie theaters attract audiences that are often key targets for businesses. Like young adults, families, seniors, people who have the income to spend on entertainment, and people who value pop culture and are open to trying new products.

Moviegoers also expect trailers and ads on the big screen. It’s part of the experience.

Aside from that big football game that happens every year, can you name another time people actually want to see ads?

And hey, even if they don’t want to see the ads, too bad! You have a “captive” audience as long as they’re in the theater.

Guaranteed attention on your brand in this day and age? That’s worth a lot.


of moviegoers responded that they noticed the ads before, during, or after their movie.


of moviegoers responded they LIKE the ads shown at movies.


of movie theater attendance has recovered post-Covid.

*Source: Consumer insights platform, DISQO.

Okay, but how much does it cost to run ads in movie theaters?

Plan Ahead and Save

Ad space in cinema advertising is sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

As inventory tightens, like around the holidays, prices tend to increase. So, plan ahead.

Buying extended blocks of inventory or booking inventory well ahead of a campaign will save you money, plain and simple.

Will you please just tell me how much movie theater ads costs?

Sorry! We’re nerds, can’t help the rambling.

In a mid-size market, we recommend a minimum annual budget of $1,500/month to step into cinema advertising. That could be used in several ways. Like across 3-6 months for a high-frequency campaign or extended through the entire year for a lengthier campaign.

We know movie theater ads aren’t practical for everyone. But if you can swing the budget, we think cinema ads should be present in just about every brand’s media plan.

Can you help produce the video?


We can establish brand standards, concept and script the video, hire talent as needed, assist with on-screen graphics and illustrations, and coordinate production from start to finish.

If I already have a commercial or videos produced, can we use it in movie theaters?


Movie theaters have unique media and audio specs. There are required frame sizes, file types, frame rates, bit rates, and a bunch of other nerdy stuff. If you have the raw video file, that’s your best bet. Let’s talk, I’m sure we can find a way to make things work.

Is there anything else fun to know about cinema advertising?

The fun has only just begun.

Using ticket purchase data from Fandango and other sources, we can remarket to people after they’ve left the movie theater. That way, your brand gets exposure with the same audience multiple times.

We can continue to show the same ad that moviegoers saw in the theater for extra emphasis, or we can strategically show them new creative that encourages them to take action with your brand.

These remarketing campaigns come in the form of display (banner) ads and video ads.