Brand Guides

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What’s in a brand guide?

  • Logo Standards – versions, adaptability, and acceptable usages.
  • Colors – Pantone, CMYK, RGB, and Hex Codes
  • Fonts – Headings, and Body fonts for print, apparel, and web
  • Brand Description Statement (voice and tone for copy).
  • Apparel and Stationary Standards.
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Brand Guides Details.

A brand identity is anything visual, audible, olfactory, or tactic-tile. But, it’s also a customized treasure map for those in marketing making your company’s deliverables.

How it works:

  • Add the service to your list, then our brand managers will be in contact with you in 12-24 hours. Or keep shopping and adding more.
  • We then schedule to interview all your stakeholders in your organization to determine your brands existing position. We do this by including a free brand consultation.
  • Then develop your guide according to your existing place in the market.
  • Done.