Podcast Ep.13 – The Year Of The Nerd, Zelda, and The Big Short

Podcast Ep.13 – The Year Of The Nerd, Zelda, and The Big Short

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This episode we’re discussing the year 2008. What happened, our movie recommendation, Video games (Zelda), and why it was the year of the nerd.

Some say 1999 is when it started, but I disagree, I think it happened the moment most of us were unemployed, nerd, geek, and jock alike.

Nerds Rule

In 2008 the financial crisis hit everyone hard, but the basement dweller nerd, thrived. Jobs that didn’t pay well nerds, geeks, and others were doing were suddenly in demand as nerd put their DIY skills to work.

With the rise of DIY comes the struggle of professional services. Marketing and Web Design saw the changes due to anyone with a laptop proclaiming to be an Agency or experienced pro.

But what has happened a decade later?

The nerds have folded into becoming the Agency, and now the reality of dealing with a “solo” artist is hitting everyone that freelance is great, but doesn’t address everything you need to for multi-channel marketing success.

Why the year of the Nerd?

Convention Attendance

Comic-con attendance doubles, and starts to become mainstream. Once thought to be only for those cosplayers and LARPer’s, you now can assume a A list celeb is roaming the convention among the normies.

Comic Renaissance 

The comic industry generated $935 million in 2014. Furthermore, the audience for comics expanded. There has been an influx of adult women and young people of all genders into the comics industry, driving an interest in non-superhero comics.

Then Ironman happened and we started to see the rise of Nerd Branding happen. Marketing to the nerds.

Nerd Culture Movies In 2008:

Here’s a list of the movies we used.

  1. Hulk
  2. The Dark Knight
  3. Ironman
  4. Cloverfield
  5. Spiderwick Chronicles
  6. Indiana Jones, and the Crystal Skull
  7. Twightlight

Nerd Culture In TV:

Television may be dying, but is it?

  1. Beauty and the Geek
  2. Knight Rider
  3. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  4. Breaking Bad. – Jonathan’s Favorite
  5. Fringe. – Jason’s Favorite
  6. Starwars: The Clone Wars

Nerds In Streaming:

  1. Hulu went live – the first competitor to NetFlix. You can check out this link for the timeline of online video.

Nerd Culture and Video Games

Video games are a great escape! In 2017 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released. Since 2008 video games has evolved very quickly and are accessible to the average person who may not know the lore.

Video Games do advertising to Nerds, and non-nerds by releasing beautiful ads like this one:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Trailer

In closing

Fun fact – WBQC-CA/Cincinnati, Ohio asks the FCC permission to change its callsign to WKRP in honor of the television series that was set in the city.

What we you doing in 2008?

How is the crisis different now?

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