Why you need a Brand Guide

Brand guides define the proper use of your logo, color, and tone of your brands message in both print and digital mediums. But one thing that never deviants are color swatches. If you are not starting with a Pantone, then you may have a color code selection based purely in digital. Control over your marketing … Continue reading “Why you need a Brand Guide”

Useful Remote Work Apps During Covid-19

Covid-19 has created a lot of new social awareness about how we treat each other. Many businesses are facing failure or, at least, losing valuable opportunities because of the pandemic. In a modest effort to help, we at NerdBrand are sharing our list of favorite work apps that may help you improve team cooperation and … Continue reading “Useful Remote Work Apps During Covid-19”

4 Ways To Gauge When It’s Time To Take A Vacation

When you know it’s time to take a vacation and the signs to begin to plan it. Taking a vacation is not cheap, however your emotional and mental health demands that you do. I’ve worked since I was 19, and I admit that I am not the example of when it’s time to take a … Continue reading “4 Ways To Gauge When It’s Time To Take A Vacation”

Technical SEO Checklist To Optimize Your Website

When you have a technical SEO checklist. Regardless of the size of website. You should consider it before you deploy it to the web. Technical SEO can be easily overlooked because of cost. But the cost is on the owner of the website. When a technical SEO checklist is not used, your site will not rank … Continue reading “Technical SEO Checklist To Optimize Your Website”

How much does a website cost?

It’s a common question, that a lot of bloggers have answered, but I still get asked. So Here’s my answer on how much a website costs. What is a conversion worth to you? If I build you a website and in 3 months you get 2 phone calls that lead to new business, then half … Continue reading “How much does a website cost?”

Long Form Content – A Simple SEO Strategy

So how do you get Google to like your website content for a set of keywords? Well, one way that is just starting, and looking into Long Form Content. Get to writing Long Form Content! Start with the topic cluster approach. It’s the idea of creating content that points users toward a page that has more … Continue reading “Long Form Content – A Simple SEO Strategy”

4 best LinkedIn tips

I hear all the time that LinkedIn is confusing, hard, and time consuming. Well, people are not wrong. Here’s 4 best LinkedIn tips that I can think of to offer you in your LinkedIn use. The Profile Photo First for this LinkedIn tips article, your profile picture needs to be clear, creative, and professional. Confused … Continue reading “4 best LinkedIn tips”

NerdBrand Podcast Ep. 4 – J.J. Abrams is a liar

Here’s a blast from the past. This is the NerdBrand Podcast that was started in 2016. That was a long time ago, but doesn’t feel like it. We discussed Nerd Culture and how it’s transformed all culture, including marketing and branding. Advertising is just as important to video games, movies, comics, and wrestling. About the … Continue reading “NerdBrand Podcast Ep. 4 – J.J. Abrams is a liar”

Employer Branding

Employer Branding is something that we believe will become highlighted among brands in 2020. Without putting investment into your companies perception to potential employees, it’ll make the hiring process tougher, and expensive. Employer brand describes an employer’s reputation as a place to work. This is not a new concept, but awareness of employer branding among … Continue reading “Employer Branding”

Web Accessibility Plugins

If you are running a WordPress website, and have had your eye on all the ADA news going on, you might like this list of web accessibility plugins for your WordPress website. There are 3 levels of ADA compliance. A, AA, and AAA. For an overview of each, check out our ADA Web Compatibility Page. … Continue reading “Web Accessibility Plugins”

A Unified Effort To Support Louisville

We’re calling on our Kentuckiana family to support one another — by sharing expertise, sharing time, and sharing resources. We are one impressive and gifted community when we work together.