NerdBrand Podcast Episode 9 – Zach Snyder Justice League and Brand Expansion

NerdBrand Podcast Episode 9 – Zach Snyder Justice League and Brand Expansion

Brand Expansion

On this episode of the NerdBrand Podcast we’re talking about Brand Expansion, Social Signals, and the Zach Snyder Justice League cut!


What is Brand Expansion? hint: I kinda made it up. But, essentially, pushing your brand into new realms.

Tips to do that:

  1. Take a look at where you are.
  2. Do you really know your audience and are you connecting?
  3. What is the overall cost now for your brand, and what are you prepared to spend to expand?
  4. Launch softly, and learn from what doesn’t work. Not all failures are things you can’t learn from.

Zach Snyder Justice League Cut

#1 Did DC take a look at where they are?

#2 – does DC really know their audience? TV and Cinema are not the same, so the success of CW can’t be used to define success or failure of Cinema.

#3 What has it cost them? There’s more than money at stake.

#4 How did they handle the launches (social media, video, ads)?

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