NerdBrand Podcast Episode 10 – Branding Blunders and the state of Podcasting

NerdBrand Podcast Episode 10 – Branding Blunders and the state of Podcasting

Branding Blunders

On this episode of the NerdBrand Podcast we’re talking about Branding Blunders, My new sound effects, and the state of Podcasting.

The Blunders List

Pepsi Branding Blunders – social awareness

Do you remember Kendall Jenner making everything all right by handing a can of Pepsi to a riot cop? Pepsi does not want you to either.

The Youtube video has long been deleted, but it’s still burned into our minds as an incredible attempt that failed to connect with their audience.

Guinness Branding Blunders – proofing

Guinness launched a campaign for St Patrick’s Day. But in 2016 Guinness make a bit of a branding blunder when its Canadian St Paddy’s Day promotional billboard ad contained a shamrock with one too many leaves.

Proofing is not easy, so criticizing Guinness feels hypocritical – but understandable why this could have happened. Always check, and recheck. As Mitch says, proof it, then proof it again, then proof it again!

Remember Mitch’s axiom:

brand building

Tropicana Branding Blunder – package design

Packaging is VERY important to your brand. It’s highly visible and important to stand out next to the rest on the shelf. But a change that’s too drastic can do damage to your sales.

Tropicana (nit the casino) lost $100 Million changing their package design. Overall sales then dropped 20%. You can above in the image the change.


The Hero Initiative! 

The Hero Initiative creates a financial safety net for comic creators in need who need medical aid, financial support, and an avenue back into paying work.

As nerds we love all things nerd in our culture that is THE culture of the day. So we want to mention the Hero Initiative. As we are still weathering the Pandemic there are those can work from home, but many not.

Artist, writers, and more involved with creating you favorite pieces of entertainment are out of work and need help. Please click the link below and learn more, and donate.

You can visit them here, and donate.

The State of Podcasting 2020

There are over 1,000,000 podcasts out there. With about 103 Million listeners per week. Awareness of podcasting is increasing as more businesses have to become remote, and are at home.

Where podcast listeners are listening to podcasts:

What listeners are using to listen to podcasts:

What equipment do podcasters use?

  1. Rode is the most popular microphone brand in Podcasting (19%) with Blue in 2nd place (17%)
  2. 48% of podcasters use Audacity to edit their podcast, with Adobe Audition in 2nd place (31%)

How do they find podcast to listen to?

  1. Ask on Social Media or Online Community – 43%
  2. Directly Ask Someone I Know Who Likes the Same Stuff – 23%
  3. Search My Podcast App’s Directory – 16%
  4. Search on Google – 12%
  5. Browse Through a Podcast Chart – 6%

How businesses can use podcasting

Podcasting raises Brand Awareness, Conveys Authoritativeness on a topic, increase website traffic, and taps into a micro audience for your brand.

Podcasts content is easy to consume. 87% of podcast listeners consume more than an hour per week.

NerdBrand can help you tap into this growing audience with marketing strategies. Get into your present and future customers ears directly with your message and products with podcasting.

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