NerdBrand Podcast Ep. 4 – J.J. Abrams is a liar

NerdBrand Podcast Ep. 4 – J.J. Abrams is a liar

Here’s a blast from the past. This is the NerdBrand Podcast that was started in 2016. That was a long time ago, but doesn’t feel like it.

We discussed Nerd Culture and how it’s transformed all culture, including marketing and branding. Advertising is just as important to video games, movies, comics, and wrestling.

About the Podcast

The NerdBrand podcast is a nerd culture and marketing podcast! Nerd (or geek) culture is no longer a sub-culture, it’s THE culture of day.

Marketing for things like comics and novels and video games is no longer an isolated thing. Nearly everything is transformative in media now and it’s important to keep your Nerd Brand Strong!

Episode Info

On this episode of Nerd Brand we discuss how JJ Abrams re-marketed Star Wars to a new generation and pulled it out of the rubble from under the previous prequels that many did not like.

Their campaign was massive back for The Force Awakens. They found ways to get the audience to both participate and be a part of story through the campaigns.

The 3 lessons from branding that we talked about in the NerdBrand Podcast

Lesson 1: Enthusiasm is invaluable. Genuine excitement will spill over into your marketing strategy and consumers will take notice.

Lesson 2: Identify the weak points of a brand, product or service and focus on turning the weakness into a strength.

Lesson 3: Leave room for a bit of mystery in your marketing technique. Don’t overshare. Hope you enjoy the show.

If you like this episode of the NerdBrand Podcast, let us know in the comments and what episodes we should create for the future!

Jason’s passions are creative web design, WordPress development, and branding. His favorite languages are CSS and PHP. With a dabble or two into Javascript. Spending his time developing NerdBrand, he still designs the websites, collaborates with Mitch on creative branding and marketing.

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