What is a re-brand, and e-commerce tips! – NerdBrand Podcast Ep.03

What is a re-brand, and e-commerce tips! – NerdBrand Podcast Ep.03

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This episode of the NerdBrand Podcast we’re talking about what is a re-brand! What it is and is not, what makes a nerd a nerd, SBA Loan madness, and e-commerce tips.

Hint: Definition of a nerd = passion.

What is a Re-brand?

  1. It’s not a re-design of your logo or website, but can be. 
  2. It’s a new message for a new audience that you need to reach. Need is the keyword. 

Rebranding is often immediately assumed to be a do-over of what you have. Sometimes that absolutely not the case. Merely a tweak or color change elicit the response and attract the customers you actually want.

Think about your logo, website, and your print materials. Are they all in sync? Are there major color differences? How do you look on the search engine? We’re not talking about SEO, but how you sound.

Branding is something that is holistic, as Mitch says, and touches every medium you use to display yourself to the world. Therefore, making everything you put out there, an ad.

NerdHelp Segment

  1. E-commerce tips in the era of a pandemic
  2. What to sell on? A Template, Commercial, or Premium Theme?
  3. Why WordPress at all?

The amount of e-commerce tips are numerous to list. But we want to cover some. If you want to know more, check out this post on the matter.

What you sell on is important, whether WordPress of Shopify, but not having a presence at all has been costly to many businesses that have ignored it. We hope you liked the show!

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