Happy Nerd-o-ween!  Marketing Lessons From Horror Movies! Podcast – Ep. 31

Happy Nerd-o-ween! Marketing Lessons From Horror Movies! Podcast – Ep. 31

Would you like to play a game? Would you like to listen to a podcast? In true Halloween fashion, on this episode of the NerdBrand podcast, we’re talking about marketing lessons we can learn from horror movies and how can you join the fun this season as a brand?

Franchises are brands. It’s a stretch, maybe. But if you are making movies, selling merchandise, are retaining an audience, and have a fan devotion…

You’re a brand.

What makes a great horror movie?

People, places, things…

Let’s discuss some of the things that make up a horror movie.

Annabelle – People are scared of dolls.

This taught us about viral marketing. The doll was placed in subways and other locations, which generated buzz about the film on social media.


Hereditary – People are apparently scared of old people.

Marketing lesson: Teaches us to not TRICK our audiences.

(See what I did?)

Be honest about expectations. Your brand’s story and product quality should shine through and be enough. Don’t over promise and under deliver!


IT – People still hate clowns.

Marketing lesson: Merchandise, get yer Merch!

Branded t-shirts, hats, mugs, coolers, and… even popcorn bowls.

Picking branded apparel or merchandise can be overwhelming.

So think first then about “what’s the goal of your merch?” What should you buy to stand out? Will your customers or prospects really appreciate it or will it get tossed in a drawer?


Orphan – People are scared of children

First of all, this is kind of a true story.

The second, as a marketing lesson: controversy isn’t a strategy.

The old saying of “any press is good press” isn’t exactly the best principle when brainstorming marketing campaigns or concepts. Be careful what you say and how you say it. The message delivered is important.


The color BLUE and other tricks to scare you.

Final marketing lesson: Color choices matter.

Therefore, everything in most horror movies is a blue-ash hue color – that’s intentional. Color makes us feel certain emotions.

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