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SEO Services

What are SEO Services?

SEO services are not about creating SEO Content. Yet if you are trying to get discovered, SEO is about content. 

Google has changed since the pandemic. Someone may not be “Googling” that keyword you want to rank for. Certain search terms (keywords) may only have an average volume of about 170 searches per month. Have you thought of that? Do you know if people are even looking for you for that word or phrase?

Start with your Google Console, a SEO tool for a non-bias view of your brands results, and frankly, a huge budget to spend on SEO.

Ready to poke out your eye yet?

Mitch with glasses making fun of Louisville SEO
Don’t poke your eye out over Brand SEO Strategies

Google changes how it looks depending on your query and your location.

They have multiple search results pages depending on the location or information it finds on the web-based on your search. That is you. Not some fancy AI; no one knows how it works. If you were Google would share that secret?

Google Search Results Pages are not all the same design and layout.

Organically rank position number one is farther down the page than you think after all those Google products such as “People also ask” and video or image search results ribbons.

SEO Services - Details of the Google SERP page.
Google Search Results Page Modules

However, depending on your SEO Strategy there are other areas now displayed on Google’s search results page that you can seed your brand and message in.

Common Search Engine Optimization FAQs

What does a SEO Company do?

An SEO company should be working with your website designers, developers, podcast, marketers, and brand managers to give you a holistic approach to improving your search results, and seeding your content into more than just “getting to page one”.

It’s not just where you rank. But how do you appear on the search engine when you are Google’d.
SEO does not come first in the process to get to success. It’s brand development, content development, marketing, and then SEO. Where are you currently?

How can NerdBrand help me with my SEO?

You just have to contact us, we’ll review where you are, then discuss where you want to be. It’s not just a website issue. It’s a branding issue.

Control how your brand appears when searched for like we do.

Need WordPress help?

WordPress Cleanup & Rebuild Services.

Slow website performance for your users effects conversion, and your SEO.