Are you wondering which platform to use for your store?

WooCommerce VS Shopify

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Here are some reasons we believe WordPress' WooCommerce is a better choice.

Limitless customization

The code is always available for developer to use and edit. This means the customization possibilities with a platform like WooCommerce are limitless. Your store is more like you, than the template or platform it’s on. Little wonder that WooCommerce calls itself “the world’s most customizable ecommerce platform.”

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Stylish, specially-designed themes

When comparing WooCommerce VS Shopify, WooCommerce has a huge selection to choose from, both free and premium, and because WordPress themes work with WooCommerce stores, your design options are never-ending.

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Powerful SEO

Access to WordPress’ blogging infrastructure and the ability to dig deep and into your store’s metadata means WooCommerce gives you everything you need to make it the best store that is fully Search Engine Optimized and dominate those Google rankings.

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Customer support

WooCommerce doesn’t provide phone support. However, at NerdBrand WE are the customer support. Our WordPress developers have over 10 years coding and supporting WordPress e-commerce websites.

Contact us today to discuss more if you’re still not sure about WooCommerce VS Shopify.


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