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Branded Search

What is branded search?

Any query via Google that includes the name of your company, business or brand name.

If you are working on brand awareness, then your next job is to focus on how you look in search results.

NerdBrand Podcast

When building a business, it’s important to include in your strategy “branded search”.

Avoid the temptation to “go SEO” or “please Google”.

Watch below the podcast with Jason Barnard about brand SERP and Google Business pages, on what you can and cannot control that they display.

Local businesses can run content strategies and get rich elements/SERP features in their Brand SERP.

This would include the fact that they can totally dominate their own Brand SERP with Twitter,  FaceBook, YouTube, videos, images, etc. – it takes a well organized approach, consistent work, and a little patience.

NerdBrand uses a holistic approach to raising awareness of your brand and increasing revenue.

Jason Davis, NerdBrand's co-founder and CEO

Meet Jason Davis

CEO and Co-founder

At NerdBrand, I lead the team in business development, web development, and branding strategies. I’ve been a WordPress developer creating custom themes for over 10 years, and love helping business grow their reach online.