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What is ADA compliance?

ADA compliance means your website can be read and understood by people with both permanent and temporary disabilities.

Keeping track of double-A (AA) for ADA Compliant Web Design is challenging. It takes considerable time and careful attention to detail, especially in the middle of changes to technology and politics.

But an ADA-compliant website ensures all your customers can access your services and saves you thousands of dollars in potential lawsuits.

ADA Compliant Design Elements

This page barely scratches the surface of what you need to be considering. ADA compliance for the web is not just for those with disabilities like blindness and deafness, but also for color blind, hard of hearing, or even temporarily disabled.

  • H1
    • H2
      • H3

There must exist a minimum contrast of 4.5:1 among elements. Therefore, Heading tags (h1,h2,h3) are to be in proper order and your Content organically.

When an intractable element is present, it receives a focus state when tabbing to access. Familiar features on the website (buttons, form fields) are to have a unified web design.

Compliant Content (colors, images, and documents)

We can now give you some resources to install a WordPress plugin, and you can choose from plenty of free ADA compliance checker tools.

Such as WAVE and Lighthouse. These look at your website’s color contrast, text size, image alt text, and more. You’ll soon see that it’s only going to check 1 page at a time, and plugins don’t address code in your theme.

ADA Accessible Website Design requires continuous testing and website content audits. Its ongoing monthly remediation for PDFs, documents, images, forms, and Content can be spread out over time, allowing you to absorb the costs better. Your site is not static, so your ADA solution can’t be either.

Pantone color swatches for brand standards and brandguide.

At NerdBrand we help you audit and find ways to avoid tempting fate with a lawsuit over ADA compliance if you are in a business that serves users with disabilities.