Spark the Ville with Guest Speaker – John Yarmuth

Spark the Ville with Guest Speaker – John Yarmuth

Spark the Ville with Guest Speaker – John Yarmuth
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Spark the Ville is by the Prospect Area Chamber of Commerce. aimed at the Louisville business community. This month’s speaker is 3rd District U.S. Congressman John Yarmuth.

SPARK the VILLE with Congressman Yarmuth

Congressman Yarmuth shares how he bought LEO magazine. Then sold it and finally transitioned into a political career.

Congressman John Yarmuth is also the Chairman of the House Budget Committee. Recognized for his work for improving education, expanding access to affordable health care. As well as revitalizing manufacturing in Louisville.

The Congressman graduated from Atherton High School and Yale University. He and his wife, Cathy, have one son, Aaron, who is the owner and editor of LEO Weekly.

Prospect Area Chamber of Commerce thanks Lake Forest Retirement Resort for hosting this event. Thank you for watching the video! We enjoyed the story of LEO Magazine’s beginnings with Congressman John Yarmuth.

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Louisville Business Seminar – hosted by David Wilson and Prospect Area Chamber of Commerce

Spark the Ville is an event that is no longer being hosted now due to Covid-19. The Prospect Chamber of Commerce hopes to have this event return to businesses here in Louisville soon.

If you’d like to know about other Prospect Chamber events, please go to for more information.

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