NerdBrand Podcast Ep. 05 – Google Advertising Changes

NerdBrand Podcast Ep. 05 – Google Advertising Changes

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This episode of the NerdBrand Podcast we want to remind you to wear pants! Google Advertising Changes, and about most states reopening. Let’s find out on this episode!


San Diego Comicon 2020 (SDCC 2020) is canceled – Yes, sad, listen as we lament.

See the link below on what state are reopening:

Streaming Wars

Disney plus programming and the streaming wars – will original programming win, or is this just another version of the cable wars?

Oops Binged it

Microsoft has shut down a feature in its Bing search engine that shows popular articles from major websites after Ars Technica reported that the feature was showing wildly inappropriate results from the stock photo site Shutterstock. How inappropriate? Well, you don’t want to know.

Google Advertising Policy Change

Google will soon require all advertisers to verify their identity, the company said in a blog post on Thursday. It’s making the change to prevent advertisers from misrepresenting themselves and says it it should allow consumers to see who’s running ads and which country they’re located in. 

From a report on the Google Advertising update:

Consumers have seen a proliferation of ads for products from dubious advertisers, like fake vaccines, in recent months. Fake businesses have also been an issue. Existing advertisers will have 30 days to complete the verification process, according to a spokeswoman. If they don’t submit the documents by then, Google said it will suspend the account and the advertiser’s ability to serve ads until they provide it. The company said consumers will start seeing disclosures that list this information on the advertiser when they click “Why this ad?” on placements beginning this summer. Google will begin by verifying advertisers in the U.S. and will expand globally, expecting that the process will take a few years to complete. Google began requiring political advertisers to verify their identity back in 2018 before running election ads.

So there you have that, advertising on Google is about to get harder.

NerdTalk Segment

Put your pants on! We’re almost open!

What states will be open and what do we think things will be like for:

  • Retail
  • Barber shops and salons – OMG
  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • Parks
  • Events


We get comments and emails from people and want to take this part of the show and answer some of those questions here. 

If you have a question, comment, or want to send a email for us to answer on the show, send to and add in the subject “for the podcast”

Our first question for the show:

  1. Howdy nerds. what should an agency look for in prospect clients for a healthy, mutually beneficial LTR / how to avoid disaster clients doomed for a bad breakup?

Below are some bullet point warnings to watch out for. But ultimately it’s the relationship. If that is healthy, and remains so, disasters can come, but be peacefully resolved like a marriage.

  • Cheap Customers
  • Poor Communication
  • A Tech Faker
  • Talks trash about others or providers
  • Ghost Client – Never hear from them
  • Disrespectful
  • Always disagrees
  • Payment is late
  • Always makes things personal

Listen below if you missed it!

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