Funny Ads: Lighten Up Your Marketing Podcast – Ep. 32

Funny Ads: Lighten Up Your Marketing Podcast – Ep. 32

Marketing sounds so serious, but modern-day advertising is much different than it was 30 years ago. It’s informative, entertaining, and moves audiences emotionally to make purchase decisions. So let’s talk about funny ads.

Funny ads can make a brand – but where is the line?

On this NerdBrand Podcast episode, we’re discussing:

  • Why humor is so effective in advertising.
  • How far is too far?
  • Our most favorite funny ad campaigns, including Dollar Shave Club, GEICO, State Farm, Charmin, KFC and more.

How can you make humor work?

Start with the pain points of your ideal customers. What drives these customers crazy, in relation to the problem your business solves?

Needless to say, there are cautions when applying humor to anything, so vet internally first and be cognizant of cultural or social trends that may not take the humor lightly. There’s nothing wrong with trying it out on yourselves to make sure you’re not being tone-deaf or insensitive.

Because humor is tricky.

Marketing is more effective when it’s entertaining — not boring. That’s a given. And most consumers today report a desire to be entertained by brands more than anything.

However, there is a line to draw depending on the product and the target, and we give some examples in this episode.

Do you have a favorite ad that hits the funny bone? If so, find us on LinkedIn or Facebook and share your favorite humorous ad.

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