Your Brand’s Message Series

In this podcast series we discuss what is your brand’s message, action, and momentum. Brand strategy should be at the top of your list. Especially if you want to have a successful business positioned in the market place.

Part 1: What’ Your Brand’s Message?

We are diving into brand message more. What is it? What is the passion behind your brand and why these are important in your business strategy.

When you hear the phrase “brand message”, what do you think of? In our world, this is the strategic communication of your company and the consistent expression of your company’s value.

Brand message has big implications for the perceived personality of your business, the culture, product development, copy on your marketing materials (website, brochures, emails, social media, etc), and you as an individual owner/executive.

So, if you are selling, making, doing x, y, z, then what do you want customers to hear from your brand besides a trite “want to buy some hot dogs?”

An effective brand message conveys your brand’s purpose in the context of how you deliver value to your customers.

Avoid the inauthentic positioning and sales pitch; a brand message should highlight your original purpose for starting your business. It should be in the language your preferred customers understand without having to listen to long conversations and review case studies.

Once you establish your brand identity and message, there’s always the “now what?”

On this episode, we talk about how to take action, implement a marketing strategy, and execute across the many digital and traditional marketing channels available today.

Part 2: Your Brand’s Message and Action

Video Streaming Growth in 2020

Over the years, marketers have been preaching that video is going to be king. Well, now it certainly is.

In 2020, there was an 80% increase in YouTube and YouTube TV viewing time on TV screens. That last qualifier is big.

It’s long been the case that YouTube is prominent as a digital video outlet, especially on mobile devices. But until recently, the platform didn’t extend quite as significantly into the average person’s living room.

With the rise of over-the-top streaming technologies like Roku, Google Chromecast, and Amazon FireTV Sticks, YouTube has truly, truly hit mainstream.

Brand Action and Executing Your Marketing Strategy

A fresh brand message, flashy logo and website, new business cards and apparel…

It’s all exceptional. But then what? How do you take these elements, create a marketing strategy, and execute in a way that attracts customers?

Platform Choice

Not all platforms are suitable for every brand. For example, LinkedIn requires a heavy touch via personal profiles, typically by leadership within your organization.

If your brand doesn’t have much of a photogenic side, competing on Instagram will be tough, as another example.

Choose platforms that align with your brand’s natural advantages instead of trying to be everywhere at all times.

Personnel Considerations

The skills and talents you have among your team will determine what marketing initiatives and platforms you can successfully take on.

For example, tasking your social media manager with growing a TikTok presence, but not having the budget or resources for video editing is unlikely to result in a great outcome.

Likewise, if you’re in a restricted industry, such as cannabis or CBD, that is barred from using typical digital advertising and media platforms, you’ll need to put a lot of effort into SEO – ranking organically in search engines.

That’s going to call for at least one great writer on the team who deeply understands your business, and someone with knowledge of the broader elements of content marketing to execute.

Branding & Marketing Agency Partnerships

Unless you’re a large company with extensive budgets, you’re likely to have many skills gaps internally. Few small businesses could or should justify having a full-time SEO content writer, videographer, web developer, creative director, and so on.

For those gaps in expertise, partnering with a branding agency can be a cost-effective way to accomplish your goals and kick your marketing efforts into high gear.

Part 3: Your Brand’s Message and Momentum

We are diving into brand messages more. What is the passion, action, and finally it’s momentum and how to create it, and keep it.

Well simply put actions you take after you launch your brand will keep it top of mind. Is this marketing? Yes and no.

Ideas to get momentum we’re discussing:

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