Elements of Storytelling – Part 1: Plot and Character – Podcast Ep. 37

Elements of Storytelling – Part 1: Plot and Character – Podcast Ep. 37

Here on the podcast we love movies, and all things in the “nerd” culture as we believe that is THE culture of the day. Therefore, nothing is coincidence with advertising in movies, email, social media, and more.

NerdBrand Podcast – Episode 37

In this episode we’re discussing the elements of storytelling. Starting with the “why” tell it to begin with. Then your characters. How does this relate to business? Well, listen and find out.

1. Plot

Your WHY for doing what it is you do.

The plot defines what the story is about and what the audience will experience. It sets up the motivations, challenges, the goals, and the road people are taking to fulfill it. Plot helps the audience empathize with the protagonist (that is you in this example). 

Here’s a list of movies that we feel like failed on the plot. As a result, they are typically forgotten. 

camera event live settings
Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels.com

Movies that have been forgettable in 2020:

  1. Bad Boys for Life – just shooting, sarcasm, and running.
  2. Birds of Prey – ?
  3. Fantasy Island – such a missed opportunity 

(source) https://www.imdb.com/list/ls029217360/

So, for branding and design, plot helps our team to get a clear headspace on what to focus on and how to overcome the impending challenges. It sets the purpose for your users to take a look, and decide.

2. Character

Reaching your customers (Users).

Without characters well defined the audience cannot believe what they are being told. Traits in the characters must be related to them. This helps them see the  justification behind the character’s actions. It builds trust. The movie Joker did this really well. You’re watching a character that is a killer. But the character is so well developed you begin to question yourself during the movie because you empathize with the bullying he is going through.

Characters are your Users. Without them in the center of your design process there are no reasons or problems to justify their need to spend time learning and buying from you.

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