E-commerce SEO Insights

E-commerce SEO Insights

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It’s impossible today for an online business to thrive without e-commerce SEO. In this blog post, NerdBrand offer will some insight into selling your product or online using SEO and getting it discovered.


Keywords are words or questions that people type into search engines to discover helpful content such as how-to’s.

But you cannot focus solely on keywords for your e-commerce SEO because you’re selling products. Therefore, you have think about searches looking for a “product” not a “how-to.”

Keyword research tools are used to focus on the best information keywords. There are tons of ways to discover keywords. For example, you can use Amazon, Wikipedia, Google Keywords tool, and SEMRush.

Search Volume

We’ve shared before about how you can optimize for a word or term that you and your competitors are only optimizing for. A little homework is needed from outside in order to gain perspective. This is extremely healthy before you begin optimizing your online store.

Tools like Ubersuggest or Google Trends can reveal what, and how, people are searching. In some industries, 100 searches per month is A LOT. In others, 10,000 monthly searches is nothing. So yes, you’ll need an SEO professional to help determine the best strategy before you commit a budget.

Commercial Intent

Commercial Intent, or Search Intent, describe types of keywords that people are looking for. If you examine the competition in the keyword planner, it can give a tell on how many people bid on that particular keyword in Google Adwords. To simplify, if tons of people are bidding on a keyword, there’s money to be made. Thus, in e-commerce SEO, pay attention to the medium and high keywords.


It’s not just about the product pages, it’s also about creating content involving your products. In order to get in front of your potential customers you have spend some time blogging about each product. This allows you to take advantage of the search engines using multiple keywords and strategies for the searches users are looking for.

Remember – you know your product, business, and strategy. But others do not, so it’s about creating awareness and messaging for your store. For example, using “dog food” is not enough. Blogging about Premium Food For Dogs would be a better way to reach an audience that is looking not just for dog food, but for premium dog food.

We hope these suggestions help you as e-commerce becomes top of mind during the stay home mandates. Because more people will be shopping online to maintain social distancing requirements, and avoiding getting sick.

If you have questions about ecommerce SEO please contact us, or leave a comment. If you leave a question, we’ll read it on our next podcast episode!

If you are all set and have a Ecommerce store, checkout out Off-Page SEO Checklist here, or read about creating a e-commerce store.

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