Google Site Ranking Signals and Marketing Strategy

Google Site Ranking Signals and Marketing Strategy

Google Web Vitals

On this episode of the NerdBrand Podcast we’re talking about Retargeting your ads, and Director Cut’s marketing strategy and Google site ranking signals!

We’re not trying to over simplify, but most business owners are over whelmed by marketing and SEO. We hope to cut through that on this episode about what SEO is (as much in 30 minutes), and Google Search Rank Signals.


Google Site Ranking Signals – Google Core Web Vitals

What is this?  What’s happened? Where’s Waldo?

Google uses ranking signals to deliver webpages by relevance of their keywords used vs what users are looking for. Google released an update in May that many have noticed has impacted their search results. It’s possible, that it’s targeting poorly written pages, and websites with bad organization of those pages.

If you are a website owner, and scratching your head about what happened, this is what we’ve been able to discern. With most websites we’re seeing, it comes down to the content.

  • How well written is it? 
  • How fast does the site load with it? 
  • Does your site link well internally and externally?

Content readability and organization of your website matters to users. So can they find it fast and does the page load fast are being prioritized.

Search Results Web results  Core Web Vitals -

With the addition of Google Web Vitals being added to the Console, incidentally above the Mobile usability reports, I’d say it’s pretty important now as a signal. Web Developers are about to get busy.

Retargeting with your Ads

What is retargeting? How to do it?

Listen to Jonathan! Our Chief Marketing Officer.

Google Pixels , all the pixels, what’s the value of doing and what should you budget and plan for?

Director Cut’s Marketing Strategy

HBO and is this the new?

We get one version in the theaters and anticipation builds for us to buy the version we didn’t in our homes?

  • What is the strategic value of doing this?
  • What are the other brands in movies that are?

Thanks for listening to this episode, and if you like let others know! You can listen to our previous here, and stay tuned and keep your Nerd Brand Strong!

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