Deadpool 2 – Social Media Marketing – Podcast Episode 23

Deadpool 2 – Social Media Marketing – Podcast Episode 23

Deadpool: the sequel really ramped up how they used social media marketing. Primarily on Twitter and Youtube. But first we have a returning guest Dave Wilson with a question:

This question below comes from Dave Wilson at

Website domains: should you worry about how “long” it is?

Well not really. Most people head to Google to discover or rediscover a website. For branded searches (e.g. someone Google’ing your company name), the search results would be referencing the brand’s name in the query, not the actual website address.

No one listening to a radio broadcast is going to take time to write down your website address.

They’re more likely to remember a portion of the interview or some keywords from your ad, then go to Google to rediscover the information.

Also, there is domain authority to consider. Changing your domain just to make it shorter can cause a lot of SEO troubles, especially if you’re not communicating to Google that you’re “moving.”

Lastly, there is brand equity in some domains, even if they’re long or have oddities. A brand that has high recognition among the public would likely not want to change their website URL, as many people may associate some level of equity between the brand and website domain.

So, rock that whatever domain you like most. The more important work is getting your brand’s name recognizable in the general public or among your target market.

That’s where having a compelling brand strategy and brand identity comes in.

Jingles? What about them…

Well, kinda useful, kinda returning as a trend. But you have to do it well. Watch this one, it’s one of our favorites:

Social Media Channels That Deadpool 2 Made Use Of

Mainly, Deadpool 2 made heavy use of Youtube and Twitter. Twitter was the primary channel they used to distribute their content, much of which evolved around YouTube videos.

You’ll find Ryan Reynolds himself on Twitter, along with the Deadpool character frequently poking fun in his usual, unique way. Deadpool 2 did a great job of “hijacking” trending hashtags on Twitter to repurpose the trend in a humorous, compelling way.

This activity on Twitter garnered tons of support from fans and platform users in general who appreciated the nuanced humor.

Deadpool On Youtube

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and a primary entertainment source for Nerds. 

Deadpool 2 started its promotional materials early, as far back as this Bob Ross clip from late 2017:

They began the campaign for Deadpool 2 with this video. Deadpool is a franchise that used the character to “parody” everything.

The official “teaser” was dropped February 2017.

Social Media Marketing Questions We Discuss

  • When should you start your campaigns on social for a release, whether that’s a product, brand, or otherwise?
  • What makes their campaigns viral? Is it just pure interest in the Marvel Franchise and its passionate fans, or something else?
  • What makes a viral social media campaign? Is it worth pursuing?
  • Why should you develop unique content on social?

Be on more than one social channel!

Why should you be on more than one? At minimum, you should claim your brand’s social accounts for security and brand reputation reasons. This prevents fake accounts or pages being made in your company’s name.

Beyond that, where you place your attention for social media channels is heavily dependent upon your target audience. If you’re heavily B2B and not a very photo-centric brand, putting all your eggs into Instagram probably isn’t the best idea.

Similarly, if you’re an B2C e-commerce company for example, you’ll likely find far more success in channels like Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok these days than you would on LinkedIn.

Watch out for official and unofficial accounts! 

Official Facebook Page:


Those blue check marks on Facebook don’t seem to mean a thing. Watch the followers and cross-check with other social media channels. You can also check for social links from a brand’s main website – this is the quickest way to find the verified brand pages.

Other sources:

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