Nerd-Talk On ChatGPT – An interview with a nerd.

Nerd-Talk On ChatGPT – An interview with a nerd.

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Millions have utilized the platform for the past few months, so I decided to ask ChatGPT some questions. It’s all the rage to talk about in the news. Can it do this or that is debated. Or, to some, it will be the ruin of us all.

Others are skeptical; nothing more than a fancy chatbot.

So, instead of Google-ing the answer to my questions, I thought I would ask ChatGPT myself.

Below is the “interview,” – which is a stretch more than just my curiosity.

Let’s Review My Conversation with ChatGPT.

Seems Pretty Civil to Me…

Now, if you are going to provoke something, I would imagine even a kitten would leave a mark and scratch you. I’m not saying that is the intent of those reporting on ChatGPT. However, it’s odd that no one I know has had a strange experience.

I left out questions for ChatGPT about SEO as it did keep re-stating a VERY neutral stance at first, with a “… yes but…” tone. In all, it will not perform certain services humans still do even if asked. It’s just a language processor.

So, if you’re thinking you have an agency at the tips of your hands over an actual professional, I’d reconsider that business decision.

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