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4 best LinkedIn tips

I hear all the time that LinkedIn is confusing, hard, and time consuming. Well, people are not wrong. Here’s 4 best LinkedIn tips that I can think of to offer you in your LinkedIn use. The Profile Photo First for this LinkedIn tips article, your profile picture needs to be clear, creative, and professional. Confused … Continue reading “4 best LinkedIn tips”

Buyer personas – Figuring out who your customers are

Buyer personas are fictional customers you want to sell to. They’ve been around for a long time. They’re developed by market teams to help them take services to market. If your marketing team has a persona, and your sales team has a criteria, and services has another criteria. You’re a company with multiple personalities. This … Continue reading “Buyer personas – Figuring out who your customers are”

Is TikTok the new Instagram?

If you Google “Instagram Declining” you’ll discover a new topic percolating. This seems to happens every few years. One thing declines as another potential replacement arrives. I was asked recently about how to increase followers on Instagram, and I thought thought, “why?” Instagram is declining right? Well, hold on. Is Instagram Declining? According to Search … Continue reading “Is TikTok the new Instagram?”