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Why you need a Brand Guide

Brand guides define the proper use of your logo, color, and tone of your brands message in both print and digital mediums. But one thing that never deviants are color swatches. If you are not starting with a Pantone, then you may have a color code selection based purely in digital. Control over your marketing … Continue reading “Why you need a Brand Guide”

Employer Branding

Employer Branding is something that we believe will become highlighted among brands in 2020. Without putting investment into your companies perception to potential employees, it’ll make the hiring process tougher, and expensive. Employer brand describes an employer’s reputation as a place to work. This is not a new concept, but awareness of employer branding among … Continue reading “Employer Branding”

How to know if you need Branding

Think of an open-ended question like, “When you think of online streaming video services, what brands come to mind?” You probably think of Netflix or Youtube. Net-and-chill is not Youtube-and-chill. Branding is what your customers associate with you and your product. First, do you have a brand system? I know that’s a new one, but … Continue reading “How to know if you need Branding”