Buyer personas – Figuring out who your customers are

Buyer personas are fictional customers you want to sell to. They’ve been around for a long time. They’re developed by market teams to help them take services to market.

If your marketing team has a persona, and your sales team has a criteria, and services has another criteria. You’re a company with multiple personalities. This leading to unhappy and confused customers.

Buyer personas examples

Mary Marketer has a goal different from Salesperson Sue. Neither could be talking to Owner Ollie. Those are personas. The names are silly, but it helps teams remember the way that you can strategize how to sharpen your business.

Your brand needs to define these, then to rally around them.

Other examples are: Erin Enterprise, Frank Founder, Sally Sample, and Steve.

Poor Steve.

Who makes these?

Marketing team alone is not enough. Use your employees who interface with customers. Financial can show you who best pays on-time and how they prefer to pay. Web can tell you how customers use your site looking for information. Or maybe web will tell you how they cannot find information.


Find common things between customers. Use that to develop personas. How they search when typing a question into Google. How they prefer to be contacted.

This doesn’t help sales. They want to know: How big is the priority is the problem they have? Typical price expected for the product?

Services can tell you what happens typically after sales to help see what went right or what is not working smoothly.

buyer personas
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Data reveals all things

Interpretation is not what you should do without actual interviews of customers. How did they find you? What was their difficulty with your product? Or was it easy to use?

You should find commonality between answers guiding you to refine your service and product. Whether its content, web design, marketing, or whatever it is you do, this will help fine tune your company’s performance.

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