Brands We Can’t Help Falling in Love with on Valentine’s Day

Brands We Can’t Help Falling in Love with on Valentine’s Day

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Welcome to the NerdBrand Podcast!

In this Valentine’s Day episode we’re talking about the brands we can’t help falling in love with.

Love is still in the air with Valentine’s Day festivities happening this past week. And it’s not just that one person in your life who you’re giving all your love to.

We’re going to dive into eight brands that successfully delivered marketing campaigns around Valentine’s Day. 

Hidden Valley: Peace love and Ranch campaign.

Check it out here, cause we can’t use their imagery.

Being quirky and disgustingly cute or thoughtful wins every time, folks! I am hoping your special someone got you a bottle of ranch…with your name on it! 

Pandora’s Little Acts of Love: Pandora talks to real-life friends and couples for this campaign.

1-800 Flowers: Look at all those links for brand search they dominate! Oh, and flowers.

Hallmark (Tell Them They Matter This Valentine’s Day): A Galentines Day Theme. 

Target (Valentine’s Day Haul Instagram Post):

Other brands in this episode:

  • MeUndies 
  • Winc (“Be Wine” Instagram Post)
  • OpenTable (Millennial Experiences) 


We all have that brand that we absolutely love. Whether it’s an article of clothing or even a bottle of ranch, we can’t help but fall in love with it. The tactics agencies undergo to market these brands hits everyone differently. Some resonate, and some do not. 

But hey, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, right? And once you find a good brand, like a significant other or really close friend, you devote yourself with loyalty and total commitment.

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