Brand Transformation – Hasbro Studios Rebrands to Allspark – Podcast Ep. 25

Brand Transformation – Hasbro Studios Rebrands to Allspark – Podcast Ep. 25

Few noticed that Hasbro Studios rebranded their in-house television content production and distribution division to Allspark.

“We are excited to refine our brand in the industry under the moniker ‘Allspark’, which is a fun homage to the life force in Transformers,”

Stephen Davis, Hasbro’s executive VP and chief content officer.

Hasbro History

Hasbro was started by three Polish-Jewish brothers, Herman, Hillel, and Henry Hassenfeld founded Hassenfeld Brothers in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1923, a company selling textile remnants.

Over the next two decades, the company expanded to produce pencil cases and school supplies. In 1926, Hassenfeld Brothers was incorporated; Hillel left for another textile business while Henry took charge of the corporation.

They began making their own pencils when their pencil supplier began making pencil cases as well.

What is a good reason to do a re-brand? 

Changing the public’s perception can be one. The other is to launch a new product, service, or arm of the organization. Using branding and PR, you can build a launchpad for your new brand to gain traction. 

Things You Did Not Know About Transformers

Having been around for 30 years, and 6 movies, what fun facts do you know about Transformers?

  1. Go-Bots are transformers now.
  2. Fans got to write some dialogue for the 2007 movie.
  3. The 2007 movie was supposed to be released In 2005 to celebrate the anniversary of the animated movie.

Other Hasbro Brands: What Are Your Favorites!

Among Hasbro’s products are TransformersG.I. JoePower RangersRomMicronautsM.A.S.K.MonopolyFurbyNerfTwister, and My Little Pony

The Hasbro brand also spawned TV shows to promote its products, such as Family Game Night on the Discovery Family Network, a joint venture with Discovery, Inc.. As of 2019, it is also the parent of mass media and entertainment company Entertainment One.

When to Begin Transforming Your Brand

You should consider transforming your brand if it does not hold a differentiated position of value with your audience.

Was this a brand transformation for Transformers? We think so.

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