My brand story isn’t sexy. So do I TikTok it? Podcast – Ep.33

My brand story isn’t sexy. So do I TikTok it? Podcast – Ep.33

On this episode of the NerdBrand Podcast, we’re taking a dive into storytelling and your brand story. Grabbing someone’s attention in today’s world is difficult, so telling your brand story in a compelling way is critical to succeeding.

But what if your story is mundane or just plain boring?

That’s not the case. Not everything is sexy, but nothing is boring.

Brand Story

Boring comic book characters made interesting:

  1. Thor – a transformation from the first movie to recent films.
  2. Ironman – drunk, playboy, and for years no one would touch it.
  3. Captain America – Too goody-two-shoes.
  4. Superman – became boring due to the focus on superpowers.

TikTok: Is Your Business Worthy?

Gary Vaynerchuk posts unique, but very different content across multiple platforms to promote his personal brand and his business.

The thing to learn here is don’t underestimate the power of personal branding WITHIN your business.

Rediscover Your Why!

Rediscovering your brand’s “Why” is worth it, because, after years of struggling or thriving, every brand suffers from “disconnect.”

That disconnect roots itself not only within your customers but also among leadership and employees.

Or, maybe you’ve been around for so long, you’re no longer turning a chapter — you’re simply writing an entirely new book. You’ve come a long way. Have you told THAT story?

Let’s discuss this more, and why a vision is more important than a business plan.

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