Brand Launches, Brand Equity, and ‘Vettes!

Brand Launches, Brand Equity, and ‘Vettes!

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This episode we’re talking about Brand Launches and Brand Equity that was awesome and review what they did, and how they launched publicly.

As well as what Brand Extensions are plus how Corvette puts easter eggs in their cars. Not the candy kind.

Key Brand Communication Points

Brand launches are always a nervous matter, so let’s discuss the steps before we share the Brands that did it well:

  • Develop a launch communications plan.
  • Define your key messages and tailor them to each audience.
  • Talk to and train your internal staff FIRST.
  • Be everywhere your audience is (social media).
  • Be sure your creative is delivering the right message. 
  • Leverage key industry events.
  • Sustain your communication efforts over time.
  • Invest in identity standards.

NerdTalk Segment

Dollar Shave Club Campaign and Message

There were two guys who met at a party and talked about how expensive razor blades were. 

Next came a website that sold them cheaply. Then after five years, it was bought by Unilever. For $1billion!

Under Amour

Advertising to the atypical female athletes was bold. They focused on capturing exactly what’s different about them. 

This struck at the heart of the matter and created brand lift.

Stranger Things on NetFlix

This campaign was directed intentionally to the fans. See the above discussion about “Define your key messages and tailor them to each audience.”

They bought mysterious billboards around LA and New York advertising “Hawkins Power & Light.” 

Only to fans was this recognizable a shadowy corporation that plays an intimate role in the plot. So the campaign was directed to fans by also including a phone number on the billboards that dropped clues about what will occur in season 2.

More Stranger Things!

New Coke Brand Returns

Yes. Again! You would think after the spectacular failure it was in the 1980s that we would never see this again. But here it is. 

This was done in partnership with Netflix’s Stranger Things show last year starting in May 2019. How 1980’s can you get with Stranger Things anyway?

You could only buy a “New Coke” from a Stranger Things Vending machine in your city.

What are your favorite Brands? Do you have a Brand we could review and discuss on the show? 

Let us know on the site at: or on our blog post where you can stream this episode! 

Also, check out our past episode on The Cloverfield Conspiracy where we took a tour back in time and discussed its marketing tactics that are similar to Dead Pool, and Stranger Things Season 2.



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