How Brands Diversify – Part 2: Brand Dilution – Podcast Ep. 35

How Brands Diversify – Part 2: Brand Dilution – Podcast Ep. 35

Brand Dilution

We’re back for part two of our series on brand diversification. In part one, we talked about the value of brand extensions and discussed a few off-the-wall extensions from brands like Tesla and KFC.

This episode, we’re deep diving into the concept of brand dilution.

Brand dilution occurs when brands push a bit too far when introducing a new product or category.

Dilution occurs when the extension unintentionally disrupts the original perception of a brand.

Brand Dilution Examples

DC/WB with Batman

Used too many times, and I think we’re getting fatigue. How many movies, video games, and animation series have we seen in the last 10 years? 

  • Chasing the success of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. (I only liked Begins and TDK.)
  • Batfleck (he’s back!)
  • Casting of new Batman films (not a fan so far)
  • Placing Batman in three films 
  • Animation series produced (I loved the Batman Animated)
  • Games – over 40+ video games made!

Star Wars

[In 2019]: “I just think that we might’ve put a little bit too much in the marketplace too fast.”

Disney CEO, Bob Iger, told the New York Times

Sony – Playstation

What is Sony known for? Most would answer Playstation or video game consoles.

Sony has a long history of being an electronics company, but since entering the video game market, they’ve transformed their brand. Is this an example of a successful brand extension or a brand dilution?

Sony Playstation 5

Other Brands that had success at diversification (brand extension) and failure (brand dilution) that we discuss:

  1. Amazon Fire Phone
  2. Harley Davidson Perfume
  3. Cadbury’s Instant Potatoes
  4. Crystal Pepsi
  5. Virgin Water Filtration System
  6. Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce
  7. Coca-Cola Clothing
  8. Windows Phone

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