4 Ways To Gauge When It’s Time To Take A Vacation

4 Ways To Gauge When It’s Time To Take A Vacation

When you know it’s time to take a vacation and the signs to begin to plan it.

Taking a vacation is not cheap, however your emotional and mental health demands that you do.

I’ve worked since I was 19, and I admit that I am not the example of when it’s time to take a vacation. I once went 5 years without one.

There are signs that you do need one, and here are a few that I wanted to share:

Take a vacation if you’re always tired

Fatigue can sneak up on you quickly if you’re are not careful. Days will go by and before you realize that you are always tired, sleepy, and your coffee consumption has increased.

One way for me is that I’m drinking several cups a day, especially after lunch around 2pm then again at 3pm to just make it to 5 o’clock.

Take a vacation if you can’t concentrate

Maybe it’s in the afternoon, or it’s in the evening, but at some point in the day you are not able to concentrate on tasks. Maybe you can’t even gather enough motivation for the next few minutes to finish one.

Your mind will wonder and therefore your ability to produce will decline.

Take a vacation if you’re feeling depressed

This is the biggest one I’ve heard of from honest people. Depression takes many forms and is not to ever be overlooked.

Causes of it can come from many things, but when you are over worked and not rested, you are more susceptible to getting depressed.

Finally, take a vacation if you’re always agitated

You won’t realize it unless someone points it out. But you’ll not smile as much, and your co-workers will notice, and react differently to you.

You’ll find them avoiding you, or being less tolerant because you might be indirectly making them feel that you do not trust their abilities or decisions.

Take time to rest, and please vacation away from home. I know it’s a financial pain for some, but stay-cations are not the same.

You have to reduce the stress in your life to find that joy again in your job and for the sake of the relationships that you have around you.

Read here for 6 more great reasons to take a vacation.

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